We worked with Kirsh & Kirsh on our infant adoption and they were extremely knowledgeable and helpful! They walked us through every step! Rachel, Olivia, Rob, and Grant were the main people we worked with and they were each individually nice! Each step was completed with efficiency and patience as we navigated all our questions! We will definitely use them again if we decide to adopt again in the future!

Lea K.
Adoptive Parent

We’ve had two adoptions through Kirsh & Kirsh and loved every bit of our experience working with them. All the staff are extremely personable and prompt at answering any concerns, even post adoption questions we have had. We even had a fall through situation initially and this experience is what has made me love Kirsh & Kirsh the most. In the end we got to be there for the mom post birth while she tried to make a very difficult decision and we still felt so supported by the staff even though it didn’t end in us parenting this particular child. We never felt unsure of what was going on and even when the news was hard they were upfront the whole time. We will continue to recommend Kirsh & Kirsh to family and friends.

Jessica K.
Adoptive Parent

We are absolutely honored to have received the services of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. Rob and his entire team of experts were the best legal team that we could have. They quickly responded to all our questions and concerns and explained everything clearly to us and our birth mother. Thanks to Kirsh & Kirsh and our birth mother, we are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl

Jesus S
Adoptive Parent

Grant and his team are AMAZING! They make the adoption process easy to understand and navigate. We appreciate everything they did for our family over the past year. From phone calls while they were on vacation to squeezing us into court on our adoption day…Grant and his team went above and beyond for us. Thank you Grant, Emley, and Kylee!!!

Jen Meeks
Adoptive Parent

Grant and his team are amazing! Grant is so knowledgeable about all things adoption. He ensured that we had a solid post-adoption agreement in place that not only protected our little, but also us. The team all work so well together like a well oiled machine. And that timeline…AMAZING! I needed someone that would spell it out for me and their timeline is literally that. We recommend Kirsh and Kirsh for your adoption needs!.

Brittany McCollom
Adoptive Parent

Grant and his team are the best!! I adopted two of my granddaughters April 22, 2022. It was a DCS adoption and even my FCM was impressed with how fast the paperwork came back from Kirsh & Kirsh. Their knowledge of how to negotiate the subsidy was priceless!! The girls loved their gifts you sent. I cannot thank you enough!!!!!

Julie White
Adoptive Parent

Grant and the entire team are absolutely amazing! Everyone is super responsive, and they give you a tentative timeline from the start (that was my best friend). I always referenced the timeline to see where we were in the process. Everything was completed with such clarity, diligence, and efficiency. I had zero bit of worry or concern. Thanks a ton for making this process so great!

Briah Golder