Adoption, Adoption Reconnections & Confidential Intermediaries

Adoption, Adoption Reconnections & Confidential Intermediaries

Working in adoption allows us to help adoptees and birth parents reconnect with each other. It is very rewarding to help these people come together. In fact, Jill Kirsh Freeman, Steve & Joel’s sister, works in the office as a court appointed confidential intermediary. Yesterday, while at court, Jill was introduced as an “expert” on adoption reconnections. Way to go Jill! Although it really is no surprise, Jill is amazing at what she does and has helped countless people in their search. The passion that she feels helping in this process is unmeasurable and getting to be a part of this incredible journey, is so amazing. Jill is always so thrilled when an adult adoptee or birth parent contacts her in hope of finding the other because it is very common for these people not to understand the process.

Additionally, individuals often spend years searching without any success. This, is why she loves when people call her, because she can help! If you are an adult adoptee or a birth parent please start the process by registering with Indiana Adoption History program to find out if the other has registered so that information can be shared about each to the other. If you need help on how to do that contact Jill at our office or her email, If there is no match then you are at least informed that you still have an option to reconnect by having a confidential intermediary, like Jill, petition the court, on your behalf. The other party is then contacted, by Jill, confidentially and informed that the other party is reaching out. Please let anyone you know to contact Jill if they have made the decision to take the journey in seeking out their biological roots.

Written by: Jill Kirsh Freeman & Grant Kirsh

Additionally, here is a letter written to Jill from a woman she recently helped:

Jill Head Shot-thumb-480x720-29352Letter to Jill

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