I Have Drank Or Used Drugs During My Pregnancy

I Have Drank Or Used Drugs During My Pregnancy

Even if you have drank or used drugs during your pregnancy we have loving and carefully screened adoptive families who are willing to adopt and love your baby. If your baby is born and the hospital believes the baby has drug or alcohol exposure the hospital has a duty to report you the department of child services.

This can be avoided if you are placing your baby for adoption.

If the hospital knows you have an adoption plan in place you can avoid having your baby be taken away from you and placed with a foster family that you did not pick. With adoption:

– You pick the family
– You get updates
– You make the decisions
If the department of child services takes your baby:

– You don’t get to pick where your baby goes
– You don’t get updates
Our adoptive families would love to adopt your baby and give it a safe and secure upbringing, one that you know your baby deserves.

If you would like to know more about your options please contact us. We can talk over the phone or we can meet you in person with no cost or obligation for you. We also promise we will not pressure you in any way. Reach out to us, we promise we can help.

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