If the glove doesn't fit, you must . . .

If the glove doesn't fit, you must . . .

Call another attorney?!?

Everyone can finish that famous phrase uttered by Johnnie Cochran during the OJ Simpson trial. Cochran was able to “sell” that phrase to the jury because he is a trial lawyer. Trial law is what he does. He does it over and over and has had great success. OJ was lucky to have him. At Kirsh & Kirsh, trial law is not the “glove” that fits us. Similarly, we are not trained to help with real estate transactions or corporate or criminal litigation. We do not handle divorces or bankruptcy. At Kirsh & Kirsh, we have one glove that fits well, and we have worn it for over 30 years with plans to continue wearing it well into the future. At Kirsh & Kirsh, our glove is adoption law. If you are considering an adoption plan for your baby or you are interested in adopting a child or even just have an adoption law related question, then there is no place better to call than Kirsh & Kirsh. We ARE adoption attorneys and nothing else!

While many law firms claim they practice adoption law, they also practice many other types of law at the same time. Some firms may even advertise 50 years of experience in adoption, but they get that number by adding the number of years each attorney and staff member has been involved in adoption. At Kirsh & Kirsh, we practice exclusively in the area of adoption law throughout the State of Indiana, including adoptions with other states. Both Joel and Steve Kirsh EACH have in excess of 30 years experience practicing adoption law. We pride ourselves on setting the standard of excellence in the field. At Kirsh & Kirsh, our attorneys and staff are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to both prospective adoptive parents and birth mothers. Why settle for anyone other than the best when we are always here to help you.

Not only does Kirsh & Kirsh practice adoption law only, we do it as a family owned and operated law firm located in Indiana. We plan to be around for years to come. The second generation of Kirshes is already involved in our practice. For us at Kirsh & Kirsh, handling adoptions is not our business, it is our passion.

Prospective birth mothers and adoptive parents only have one chance to get their adoption right. When you decide that adoption is right for you, don’t call another attorney, call the one the adoption glove fits. Call us, Kirsh & Kirsh.

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