Governor Pence to Fund Indiana State Adoption Subsidy Program

Governor Pence to Fund Indiana State Adoption Subsidy Program

By: Grant Kirsh

For the first time in five years over 1,400 adoptive families will soon begin to receive state assistance subsidies for adopting. This change in protocol is a 180 shift by the Indiana Department of Child Services who has not paid any adoption subsidies since 2009.

In a law suit filed on behalf of the 1,400+ families, who were promised anywhere from approximately $1 to $30 a day per child adopted, the families claim that they have not received any payments from DCS for these subsidies. Furthermore, they claim that DCS has stated they do not have the money available to fund the state adoption subsidy program, despite the fact DCS has returned more than $238 million to the state’s general fund since 2009. DCS claims that money was not “available” to pay the state adoption subsidies. During the first meeting of the Adoption Study Committee Tuesday afternoon, a representative from the governor’s office said the adoption subsidy program would not be funded until the 20 fiscal year. Although, all subsides retroactive to July 1 of this year, 2014, will be paid to all families on the adoption subsidy waiting list.

“Although the State Adoption Subsidy is only a small piece of the assistance the State of Indiana offers to adoptive parents, it is my believe that funding the program this fiscal year is the right thing to do,” Said Governor Mike Pence. “At the same time, the Adoption Study Committee is now looking at this issue, and we appreciate their work to develop recommendations that address the needs of Hoosier families and effectively promote adoption,” Pence added.

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