Honor Roll Adoptee Goes to College – April 27, 2015

Honor Roll Adoptee Goes to College – April 27, 2015


This is a message we received from an adoptive mom this past week:

“Steve & Joel, Just wanted to thank you for putting your Surprise Adoption story 4/23/15 on Facebook. I happened to see it and read it this evening. It brings back such wonderful memories of my adoption story. It is hard to believe it has been over 18 years since I received the best gift of my life, my wonderful son. Steve…I can still her your voice and words on that day that you called and told me of the possibility of receiving a baby. It also was a surprise phone call for you about his birth mother and in fact you were just on your way to meet with her for the first time when you called. Then a few short hours later getting your call and your first words to me were ‘Congratulations Mom!’

My wonderful son is graduating from high school this year and in fact I just went to his senior night for track this evening. He has his college plans all set and will be attending the University of Indianapolis in the fall. He is graduating in the top 10% of his graduating class with an honor’s diploma. He is amazing…and I am only a little biased (ok…maybe a lot biased). I am so very proud of him each and every day. I love him more than words can say and have from the day he was placed in my arms at the hospital. You are both terrific. May God bless you both always!”

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