How Does It Feel To Be Adopted?

How Does It Feel To Be Adopted?

‘I Have Always Felt Lucky.’ ‘Proud Of Being Adopted.’ ‘I Am Adopted And Love My Parents.’

Birth mothers often fear that their children will have a difficult life and struggle with such issues as low self-esteem, personal identity problems and feelings of being unwanted. The media thrives on this type of information and eagerly reports on the negative side of any issue. However, the studies that illustrate these findings only tell a portion of the story.

While it is true that your child might wonder what life would have been like if he or she would have been raised by you, it does not mean that every adopted child feels abandoned. In fact, most adopted children will tell you that they were lucky to have been adopted and welcomed into a loving family.

At the law office of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., our attorneys witness the blessings of adoption every day. We read stories about the accomplishments of adopted children and the love of their adopted parents. We learn about adopted children who see their birth mothers as heroes for giving them a chance at a happy life. They know they were loved not only by their adoptive parents, but also by the mother who made the difficult and selfless decision to choose adoption.

How Does Adoption Affect Children?

‘I Absolutely Do Not Regret Being Adopted. I Am Glad Of It.’

No one knows what the future may hold. We cannot predict how your child will do growing up or what impact — positive or negative — adoption might have, and it’s hard to know what the effects of adoption on the birth mother might be. We do know, however, that a happy, healthy environment often leads to happy, healthy children. We work tirelessly to ensure that children are placed in safe and loving homes. We carefully screen prospective parents, conducting extensive interviews before we select them for our services and periodic check-ins after the child is adopted.

We will not place your child with a family that we feel would not be able to provide the good life he or she deserves. The birth mothers we represent have a say in who adopts their children, and we will work with you to find a family that you are confident can provide for your child’s needs. This is one of the many reasons we received the 2005 Congressional “Angels in Adoption” award.

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How does it feel to be adopted? Faith Hill, Scott Hamilton, even former President of the United States Gerald Ford were all adopted children. Your child can have the chance to thrive as these famous adopted people did. For more than 30 years, our lawyers have helped birth mothers give the ultimate gift to their children and prospective adoptive parents. Please contact our Indianapolis adoption law firm 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can speak directly with Steve or Joel Kirsh or schedule a free consultation to discuss the effects of adoption and how we can help you give your gift.

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