Information For Parents Of Pregnant Teens

Information For Parents Of Pregnant Teens

Maybe your teen was scared to tell you about her pregnancy, or maybe she came to you right away. In either case, your child will need your support as she makes decisions that will affect the rest of her life and the life of her unborn child.

At the Indiana law office of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., we understand what you are going through as the parent of a pregnant teen. During our more than 30 years practicing Indiana adoption law, we have helped countless birth mothers create adoption plans for their unborn children. Our firm is dedicated to helping pregnant teens weigh their options and understand the enormous benefits of adoption.

If your teenage daughter is pregnant and you would like advice on how to discuss adoption with her, the Indiana adoption lawyers at Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., are ready to help. We provide information for the parents of pregnant teens in a free, no-obligation consultation. We will travel by car or airplane to meet you wherever you are.

Helping You Present Options And Advise Your Pregnant Teen

Pregnant teens often need the support and help of their closest family and friends. Your teen may come to you for advice and counseling after she discovers she is pregnant. In some cases, expectant teens may not be comfortable speaking to a parent. If you are a concerned family member, guardian, guidance counselor, teacher or other role model, you may still play a very important role in a pregnant teen’s decision.

Attorneys Steve and Joel Kirsh can help you understand how to talk to your pregnant teen in a loving, supportive way, helping her consider her options and alternatives to abortion, including adoption. If you choose, Steve and Joel can meet with you and your daughter to explain the advantages of adoption and how we can help you find the right adoptive parents.

We see birth mothers as heroes who make mature and loving decisions that benefit their children and give the ultimate gift to a family whose only dream is to raise a family. Like the National Council for Adoption, we also understand that there is more than one way to be a good mother:

  • Most teens would say that a good parent provides everything a child needs for a happy, healthy and positive life, usually the same benefits that they received from their own parents.
  • An adoption plan allows a good mother to give her child a loving, supportive family that will love her child and provide all the benefits that the birth mother is unable to provide.

Providing Adoption Information For Your Pregnant Daughter

If you are the parent of a pregnant teen and would like more information, please contact the Indianapolis law firm of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We offer free, no-obligation consultations for parents and pregnant teens, and we have counselors available.

Read our brochure for birth mothers for more information.

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