Mutual Respect in Adoption

Mutual Respect in Adoption

Respect in adoption is important. It is not often that I criticize a birth mother, but this past week, we had a situation involving a woman that was incredibly selfish, uncaring, unreasonable, and completely irresponsible.

That is not the typical birth mother who makes and adoption plan, or gives her baby up for adoption, but this woman thought only of herself. She invited the adoptive parents to the hospital knowing that she was having second thoughts. She led them on knowing that she was not going to proceed with the adoption. She took money from them, again, knowing that there was no way that she was going to proceed with the adoption. She was demanding. She didn’t care anything about them. It was all about her. That is so not typical.

I have had the great privilege of working with a number of heroic, loving, courageous women, over the years, who have made adoption plans for their babies because they love their babies. Sometimes they change their mind, and adoptive parents know that. But, if a woman knows that she is not going to proceed with the adoption, just to lead someone on is so hurtful, it is so unfair.

I felt very badly for the adoptive parents, and their family. It is really just unfortunate that that happens. It unfortunately does not happen very often, but it happened this past week, and I am still very angry about it.

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