Not All Adoptions are Bad

Not All Adoptions are Bad

There are a number of people, particularly women, who gave up their baby for adoption, and in some cases were forced to give up their babies for adoption years ago. Fortunately, that practice does not happen like it use to. But, there was a time in Indiana, and in the country, where young women were forced to proceed with an adoption because it was socially and morally unacceptable to be pregnant and not married. Those women were really victims of the process. They had very little say in what happened to them and no real role in the process. Those women are obviously very angry today, and rightfully so. Some of those women are not very critical of adoption in general because of what happened to them in particular. And I would suggest that because something had happened to them doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with adoption in general.

Adoptions that are handled properly, like we do at Kirsh & Kirsh, where we do not pressure birth mothers where we do not force them to do anything or we do not make them feel bad. We do not let out clients, the prospective adoptive parents, make promises they are not willing to keep. Those adoptions can be very beneficial for everyone involved. Adoptions when handled properly offer a good solution to a difficult situation. Everyone benefits from the process.

Certainly the adoptive parents benefit, they have a child they could not otherwise have. The child receives a loving and secure home with the possibility and opportunity for a bright future. The birth mother, yes the birth mother, gets a good solution to a difficult problem. It is the hardest decision a woman will ever make. But if it is a decision that she makes and, if it is a decision, especially if it is a decision that she makes for the right reasons, because she loves her child and she is trying to provide more for her child then she can provide at that moment in her life, then it is a very good decision for her, or can be. It can be a very good decision for her.

So, for all of those women who were victims of the process, and who were involved with an adoption agency, or adoption attorney, who did not handle things properly, I am so very sorry for you. We try to do better than that at Kirsh & Kirsh. We are always happy to address issues as they arise. Thank you Pregnancy Hotline 800-333-5736 …or text us! 317-721-2030

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