Placing a Child for Adoption Isn't an Easy Decision

Placing a Child for Adoption Isn't an Easy Decision

No woman chooses adoption for her baby (aka “put up for adoption”, “give up for adoption”, “place for adoption”) because she wants to part with her child. A woman chooses adoption for her baby because she loves her baby and wants what is best for her child and knows that she cannot provide that life for her baby. Adoption is a difficult decision to come to for anyone who is facing it. Just because a decision is difficult does not make adoption the wrong decision.

We are all faced with decisions each day. Some decisions are easy, some are hard. Some are very emotional and some are not. Any well-reasoned decision though is a good decision. You want to avoid making an emotion decision and you want to focus on making well-reasoned decisions. If you are considering adoption because you are not financially capable of raising a child (or another child) that is a good reason to consider in giving your child a better life. If you are considering parenting because you are going to miss the child, when you do not have the financial ability to care for a child, then that is not a good reason to parent. That is a selfish reason where you are putting your needs above your child’s needs.

If you do not believe you are able to care for your baby, and you do not have the emotional or financial support to do so then maybe you should consider adoption for your child. It is the bravest thing you can do and your child will always love you for putting their needs ahead of your own.

Our Indiana Adoption attorneys are here to help you consider your adoption options.

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