Pregnancy Pact – You Can't Make this Stuff Up!

Pregnancy Pact – You Can't Make this Stuff Up!

In a new low to understanding what it takes to be a parent, 17 girls at Glouscester High School in Massachusetts made a pact to get pregnant, allegedly so they could raise their babies together. None of the girls were older than 16 years old. If it were not true, no one would believe this story.

My guess is that if they had all decided to get puppies and raise the puppies together, it would have been bad news for the puppies. Raising a child takes a life-long commitment, and there are no “pause” buttons. It is not a game. It is not a science fair project. It is not something that someone, so immature to make such an outrageous decision, should attempt. The consequences for mother and child are nothing less than forever, life-altering.

Unplanned pregnancies occur. Adoption offers a second chance for mother and baby. In this case, there was nothing accidental about the pregnancies. What are the chances that either the mothers or babies will achieve their full potential? If the statistics about teen pregnancy hold true, there is a 25% chance each girl will have another baby while they are still teenagers; 80% of them will not complete high school; 60% will end up on welfare; and 85% of the babies will live in poverty.

We should all, collectively, cheer when a woman, who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, makes an adoption plan for her precious baby. Those women are the heroes of our society. The girls at Glouscester High School could not possibly have understood the consequences of their decision. Heaven help them and their innocent babies.

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