Reasons to Consider Adoption

Reasons to Consider Adoption


There are many reasons a woman considers adoption. Most commonly, we are told by the women we work with that they are just in a place in their life that they cannot provide for their baby. If the circumstances were different they would not be considering placing (or what some may refer to as “giving up their baby for adoption”) their baby for adoption. You see, women do not consider adoption because they do not love their baby. They consider and choose adoption solely because they love their baby. They want their baby to have the best life possible and they want to make sure they do not stand in the way of that happening. It is a completely selfless and beautiful decision to make.

Another reason to consider adoption is that there are 100 prospective adoptive couples out there for every 1 child available to be adopted. 100:1! These adoptive couples are loving & caring people who are unable to conceive on their own and want nothing more than to be parents and to give your child everything he or she deserves.

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