What Is Open Adoption?

What Is Open Adoption?

In a private adoption, the level of contact between a birth mother and her child after the adoption is usually agreed upon before the adoption is finalized. Many birth mothers wish to have frequent contact with their children, and others prefer no contact at all. While adoptive parents are usually willing to accommodate the birth mother’s wishes for some level of contact, they don’t want there to be any question in the child’s mind as to whom his or her parents are.

At the law firm of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., our Indiana attorneys have more than 30 years of experience helping birth mothers and adoptive parents create an arrangement that works for everyone concerned. Our extensive background representing both birth mothers and adoptive parents allows us to provide much more proactive and effective service in every open adoption matter we handle.

Open Adoption vs. Confidential (Closed) Adoption

Most adoptions are not fully open or fully closed/confidential. In a completely open adoption, birth mothers and adoptive parents raise the child together through a cooperative parenting arrangement. In a completely closed or confidential adoption, the birth mother and adoptive parents never meet. Usually, most of the open adoption arrangements we see are a healthy combination of both. In some cases, these arrangements are as simple as the birth mother receiving periodic letters and photos from the adoptive parents.

During the pregnancy, prospective birth mothers often like to first read about prospective adoptive parents, talk with them by telephone, and, in many cases, meet the prospective adoptive parents in person and visit with them a few times throughout the pregnancy. Some birth mothers even invite the prospective adoptive parents to attend one or more prenatal appointments.

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