Adopting Minority Children

Adopting Minority Children

Promoting the Adoption of Minority Children

Kirsh & Kirsh is dedicated to finding adoptive parents for minority children. Joel and Seven Kirsh have been practicing Indiana adoption law for over thirty years. They have assisted in bringing over 2500 families together to through adoption.

Minority Children Adoptions

In their thirty years of practicing Indiana adoption law, Joel and Steven Kirsh have facilitated the adoption of numerous minority children. Unfortunately, statistics show that there are relatively more minority children than there are families seeking to adopt minority children.

Couples and singles interested in adopting a minority child often have a baby placed in their home much faster, often less than nine months, faster than families seeking a caucasian child, twelve to eighteen months. Joel and Seven Kirsh work with families seeking to adopt minority children and can provide information and recommend counselors that can assist in the adoption of a trans-cultural child.

However, a family must never adopt transracially because it is easier or more expedient to do so. It is only easier in the short term to be successful. Parenting is a life long commitment.

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If you interested in adopting a minority child, please contact Kirsh & Kirsh. We are the only adoption attorneys in Indiana, and among the few in the entire country, dedicated solely to adoptions. We would like to let our experience work for you.

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