Adoption, Experience and Search Engine Optimization

Adoption, Experience and Search Engine Optimization

We are always evaluating adoption and how the people who choose to work with us find us in the first place. Most people who work with us tell us they saw or heard our name two to three different times from friends, doctors, social workers, clients, and that is why they contacted us.

Grant and I just completed a meeting with and FindLaw. We are re-evaluating how Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. spends its advertising dollars. Google is obviously the “800 pound gorilla”. All Internet advertisers, including the Adoption Law Firm of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., want Google to display their website near the top of the Google search results.

I naively said to the group: “I understand that Google tries to identify, for the person conducting a search, the most relevant website for the product or service being sought. If a person searches for ‘adoption services in Indiana’ and all variations of that search phrase, Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., should not have to spend any money or play any ‘games’ to get Google to notice us. Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., is the largest, oldest, most well-established, knowledgeable, competent, experienced, and etc., adoption service provider in Indiana, perhaps the Midwest. We have completed over 3000 successful adoptions over a period of more than 30 years. We have dozens, if not hundreds, of wonderful reviews. We have over 4400 people who ‘Like Us’ on Facebook. One would think that Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., would always be the most relevant adoption related search result for Google and all of the other search engines.”

They tried to explain to me why my intuition on this issue is not correct. I listened intently and nodded as if I understood, but it is still a mystery to me. All I know is that Joel and I will come back to the office tomorrow, and we, along with all of the dedicated staff at Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. (many of whom are family and the rest like family to us), will do our best to serve people touched by adoption, and, each day after that, we will strive to do what we do better than the day before – as we have done for the last 30+ years.

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