How do I find my birth parent, birth sibling or child in Indiana?

How do I find my birth parent, birth sibling or child in Indiana?

Adoption Reconnections, adoption, adoptees, birth parents and siblings ….always seem to be on my mind … I happened to pass the exact place, at the Indianapolis airport, that I was lucky enough to witness two brothers, separated by adoption, lay eyes upon each other for the first time in over 40 years.

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It brings to mind the amazement and thrill that my adult adoptee felt. He was amazed that it took me 10 minutes to locate his birth mom when he had spent 20 years searching, without success.

I do not think adoptees, birth parents or birth siblings realize how fortunate it is that Indiana has another option. If Indiana’s Adoption Registry does not find a match, there is still the option of hiring a Confidential Intermediary.
Each state has its own laws regarding the sharing of identifying information and in many states, if their mutual registry does not find a match, the process ends.

Although Indiana does not have “open” adoption records, for older adoptions, birth families and adoptees do still have the option of having a Confidential Intermediary step in and gain access to these “sealed” records.

Please feel free to contact me so I can further explain the process and maybe, one day, have the pleasure of being a part of your adoption reconnection. My email address is and phone number is 317-575-5555.

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