Adoption Plan: Picking An Adoptive Family

Adoption Plan: Picking An Adoptive Family

Are you considering adoption?

Picking an adoptive family is not as difficult as the task may appear on its face. Let’s not discredit though that this decision is certainly one of the most important decisions you will make. Rest assured, it is very unlikely though that you can make a mistake in picking a family… if you work with Kirsh & Kirsh or another reputable adoption law firm. People who seek to adopt must go through a very thorough vetting process known as a home study.

In order to be “home study approved” someone has to open their personal information up to be checked for criminal records, FBI checks, fingerprint checks, sexual offender registry checks, financials are checked, health is checked and, as the name alludes, their home is also checked. After the prospective adoptive person or couple undergoes this process, and everything checks out favorably, they are then approved to be able to adopt. When asked why an expectant mom chose a family in particular the response is usually something like “I am not sure, it was just something about them that caught my interest.” A majority of the time it is this undefinable connection which guides an expectant parent to choose the couple, or person, to adopt their child.

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