Choosing an Indiana Adoption Agency or Adoption Attorney

Choosing an Indiana Adoption Agency or Adoption Attorney



Picking an Indiana adoption agency or indiana adoption attorney to work with to adopt a child can be a daunting task. Just this week I had another conversation with a potential client that voiced their frustration in their decision to go with a national adoption agency in their pursuit to become parents. Unfortunately, I have heard that same frustration from many prospective adoptive parents.

(By the way, although Bethany Christian Services is a national adoption agency, they do have a strong, local presensce in Indiana and have been assisting families and expectant mothers with adoptions for years in Indiana. Kirsh & Kirsh has the highest regard for Bethany.)

The decision these prospective adoptive parents made, in choosing a national adoption agency, over a local Indiana adoption agency or Indiana adoption attorney was not a poor decision, it was a well thought out and logical one…

Pay the national adoption agency $15,000 (or so), and get on their website. They are a national adoption agency so they must get a lot of inquiries from expectant mothers consider adoption for their babies (put up a baby for adoption, give up a baby for adoption), right? Not necessarily. I have heard it from enough prospective adoptive parents that they just sit dormant and the only contacts they get are from adoption scammers just looking to siphon living expenses.

If you are looking to adopt a baby in Indiana, or any state, make sure you get the facts from the Indiana adoption agency or Indiana adoption attorney before you decide work with them. You want to know the answers to these questions:

  1. How many INFANT adoptions a year do you handle? If they are doing less than 50 a year, it may take you years to adopt. DON’T let them give you a padded number of adoptions which include step-parent adoptions, adult adoptions and DCS adoptions.
  2. What happens to the money we pay if an adoption falls through? Do the fees rollover? If you have to repay if an adoption falls through, you may be in for an expensive mistake.
  3. How long have you been handling adoptions? The old saying is, “If you think it is expensive to hire an expert, try hiring an amatuer!” If your attorney does not know what they are doing they may make an irreversible mistake in handling your adoption. Also don’t fall for the old trick of them telling you “We have 100 combined years of experience!” They could mean they have 100 people working for them that have been working in adoption for 1 year each.
  4. How many expectant mothers contact your office each month? Adopting is a numbers game. If the answer given is less than 7-10 a month then it may take you years to adopt.

Just remember that with adoption, like many things in life, things have a way of working out in the end. It may take time, but your baby will find you.

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