How to Give My Unborn Baby Up for Adoption

How to Give My Unborn Baby Up for Adoption

I am pregnant and would like to give my unborn baby up for adoption. I already have kids and am unable to support another child financially. “How do I start this adoption process?” You are not alone. There is help.

If you are a birthmother searching for local adoption services, Adoption Attorneys Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. (“Kirsh & Kirsh”—often misspelled as “Kirsch & Kirsch”) is here to help you. It is FREE & confidential. We have over 100+ years of combined experience arranging adoptions in Indiana. We serve birth mothers all over the US, particularly in Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Illinois, Mississippi, and Kentucky. We’re a family firm dedicated to helping birth mothers explore their options and find a solution that feels right for them.

Why Kirsh & Kirsh? 

· Our compassionate and non-judgmental team can explain the process of adoption using simple, easy-to-understand language.

· You are not obligated to proceed with adoption until you sign a consent to adoption, which cannot take place until you give birth.

· We’re here to help you make a custom adoption plan that meets your needs. Our compassionate adoption support team is here to help you make the right choices. 

· We will help create an adoption plan that ensures a smooth adoption experience. You can choose from three types of adoption plans (open, semi-open, and closed adoption). You can decide how involved you want to be in your child’s life.

· All our waiting families are carefully screened and thoroughly investigated. We will arrange for you to have contact with the family you choose on your terms.

· Counseling is available at no cost to you. We make sure you get help with living expenses and utility bills during the process.  

Get free adoption information!

Choosing adoption for your child is a decision based on love. It is a brave choice. We will try to make the process as stress-free on your part as possible. You are never pressured. Contacting us does not mean you have to work with us. Call 317-575- 5555, text 800-333-5736, or use Facebook Messenger.

Positive adoption language Disclaimer: 

Please understand that these blogs are written in a way to use language that people use when searching for help with their adoption plans. Unfortunately, while all of us understand what positive adoption language means, most expectant moms who come to us at first do not understand what that means. The most common search term on the Internet for pregnant moms is “How do I give up my baby for adoption.” If we do not include those words in our blog posts and instead put “How do I create an adoption plan for my baby,” then our website will not show up in most expectant moms’ search results in Google.

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