Letter to Adoptive Parents Regarding Adoption Reconnections

To: Kirsh and Kirsh Adoptive Parents:
I am Steve’s and Joel’s sister and Grant’s aunt. I have the pleasure of working at Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., and, particularly, re-connecting adoptees with their birth parents.

Please know that no matter the age of your child, you are our client(s), and we will always require your written consent to assist your child in any re-connection.

My experience has taught me that everyone has an instinctive need or desire to know from where they come. My experience also has taught me that many adoptees get to a point in their lives when it becomes important to know answers to questions or find seemingly missing pieces. It is just that: they are not looking to replace their parents; they just are looking for answers.

With that being said, you as an adoptive parent or parents may feel a little funny, even threatened, when your child comes to you wanting to know about his or her birth parents. Please understand that this is normal. Some adoptees even hesitate broaching the subject because they do not want to hurt their parents’ feelings.

Please always feel free to call me to discuss your situation. There are many ways to get information and closure for your child. I would be happy to help you decide what approach works best for you and your child.

Very truly yours,

Jill Kirsh Freeman