Newborn Adoptions

Newborn Adoptions

Bringing Babies and Parents Together to Make Happy Families

Kirsh & Kirsh is Indiana’s premiere adoption law firm, striving to set the standard for high-quality, hands-on adoption. Indiana newborn adoption lawyers Steve and Joel Kirsh are dedicated to helping couples build their families through the adoption of newborn babies.

Adoption Is an Emotional Journey

The decision to adopt a newborn child is one of the most important decisions a couple will ever make. Many couples turn to adoption after years of unsuccessful attempts to give birth to a child. Indiana newborn adoption lawyers Joel and Steve Kirsh understand that families who have suffered through the emotional ups and downs, and gut-wrenching disappointment of failed infertility procedures just want a baby, with as few disappointments and as little effort as possible. Unfortunately, adopting a child can be an emotional rollercoaster. There are often emotional highs and lows throughout the adoption process.

However, Joel and Steve Kirsh have helped numerous couples successfully realize their dreams of adopting babies. They will do whatever they can to make the process go smoothly for you. Prospective adoptive parents using the services of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., have enjoyed tremendous success over the last 30-plus years. Our Indiana newborn adoption lawyers are constantly striving to improve their practice to enable prospective adoptive parents to realize success more quickly and easily.

Newborn Adoption Services

We can help prospective adoptive parents locate newborn children or assist with the adoption of a child already selected by the adoptive parents. Regardless of which route the prospective adoptive parents choose, Indiana newborn adoption lawyers Joel and Steve Kirsh will assure that all the legal work associated with the adoption is properly handled, strictly in accordance with Indiana law. We will also make sure that the common mistakes associated with newborn adoptions do not affect our adoption clients, whether from Indiana or from outside of the state.

The Kirsh & Kirsh Adoption Advantage

There are many advantages to working with a private adoption attorney, in general, and with Kirsh & Kirsh specifically. Newborn adoptions through an Indiana adoption attorney are often complete within six months to a year; Indiana adoption agencies can take twice that long to find a newborn for a qualified couple.

Even more importantly, Indiana newborn adoption lawyers Joel and Steve Kirsh work with birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents to create an atmosphere where the birth mothers and the adoptive parents are comfortable with the family unit that is being created through adoption.

Representing Clients in Indianapolis, Gary, Evansville, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Lafayette, Indiana

If you are considering growing your family through the adoption of a newborn, please contact Kirsh & Kirsh. We are the only adoption attorneys in Indiana — and among the few in the entire country — dedicated solely to adoptions. We would like to let our experience work for you.

Please contact Kirsh & Kirsh, and we will send prospective birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents information about the adoption practice of attorneys Steve and Joel Kirsh.

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