International Adoption Finalization

International Adoption Finalization

Protecting Family Bonds Through Adoption

Many couples, for a variety of reasons, turn to international adoptions. It is important for Indiana families that adopt children internationally to register their adoptions in Indiana.

While Kirsh & Kirsh does not provide adoption services to families interested in adopting from other countries, we do assist with the registration of the foreign-granted adoptions in Indiana.

Registration of International Adoptions

More often than not, when a child is adopted from a foreign country, the adoption proceedings are all handled in that country. When parents return to Indiana they do not realize the importance of registering the adoption in the Indiana courts.

It is extremely important for Indiana adoptive parents to register the adoption of the child they have adopted in a foreign country in Indiana. Registering a foreign adoption is usually a very simple and quick process. The foreign adoption decree is entered with the Indiana courts, and the court issues an enforce adoption decree. With this Indiana adoption decree, the Indiana State Board of Health will issue an Indiana birth certificate for the child. The new birth certificate will have the adoptive parents’ names on it.

The Kirsh & Kirsh Adoption Experience

Kirsh & Kirsh is the only Indiana law firm, and among the few in the entire country, dedicated solely to adoption law. Joel and Steven Kirsh have helped many parents who adopted children internationally register their adoptions in the Indiana courts. With over thirty years of experience in Indiana adoption law, Joel and Steven Kirsh have the knowledge and experience necessary to smoothly facilitate the registration of your international adoption.

Contact Kirsh & Kirsh

If you have adopted a child internationally and need an Indiana adoption attorney to register your adoption with the Indiana courts, please contact Kirsh & Kirsh. We are the only adoption attorneys in Indiana, and among the few in the entire country, dedicated solely to adoptions. We would like to let our experience work for you.

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