Putting Baby Up For Adoption

Putting Baby Up For Adoption

You may be considering adoption and thinking to yourself how to “put my baby up for adoption”, or “give up my baby for adoption”, or “place my baby for adoption”. Whether you are in your first trimester or you just delivered, Kirsh & Kirsh can help you put an adoption plan together.

We have helped many are birth parents in every stage of pregnancy with their adoption plans. No matter when you contact us we will be able to help you work through this in a safe and trustworthy manner. You may not be ready to parent this child at this point in your life. This does not prevent you though from helping plan your baby’s future. We have hundreds of carefully screen families that you have the option to choose from to provide a loving and secure home and future for your baby. You even have the opportunity, if you like, to receive letters and photos from the adoptive couple for up to 18 years.

Those looking to adopt must undergo a “home study” by a licensed child placement agency, or adoption agency, before they can finalize the adoption. A home study is an evaluation of the family conducted by a private licensed adoption agency or public adoption agency. This evaluation is very thorough, and includes:

criminal background clearances
FBI fingerprint checks
Sexual offender checks
child abuse background checks
income verification
health evaluation
home inspection
For most birth mothers, we are able to help with costs of living, housing, medical expenses, and any other expenses related to the pregnancy and placement of the baby for adoption. Indiana law allows to help with up to $3,000.00 of living expenses.

If you are in need of adoption help, contact us – we make it our purpose to help people, like yourself, make this as easy as possible. Call us today just to talk. We promise we will not pressure you in any way.

You can also check out some of our amazing families waiting to adopt!

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