Step-by-Step Process for Putting a Baby Up For Adoption

Step-by-Step Process for Putting a Baby Up For Adoption

Pregnant? Want to know about placing a baby for adoption? Here is a simple step-by-step guide that outlines the basics of this process.

DISCLAIMER: Understand first off that this step-by-step guide is a basic view of how adoptions typically occur and there are a multitude of different factors that could change the adoption process to something completely different from what this guide outlines. This guide is merely to provide you with a basic understand of how the adoption process could unfold in only one scenario.






You contact us.


You contact us to speak about your unique situation and to learn more to determine if adoption is right for you.


If this conversation goes well then we can schedule a meeting.


You decide you like what we have to tell you about placing your baby for adoption and creating an adoption plan so you schedule an initial meeting with Steve, Joel or Grant.


We meet to talk about your options.


We meet, where ever is convenient for you. We will come to your house or meet you somewhere where you feel comfortable. In this meeting we might bring profiles of families for you to take with you. We will have some initial paperwork to go through with you. Remember, you cannot do, say or sign anything in this meeting to obligate yourself to have to proceed with an adoption. Even if you think you are 100% sure adoption is what you want to do, there is nothing you can do, even if you want to, that would obligate yourself to proceed with an adoption.


You pick a potential family to adopt your baby.


After the meeting you look through the profiles and pick families you would like to speak with on the phone. After you speak with one or more families we then help you set up a meeting with them in person so you can decide if they are the one. Remember that during your adoption plan you are always going to be contemplating whether adoption is right for you so picking a family is not something that only women who are 100% committed to putting their child up for adoption should do, because no women can be 100% committed to placing a child for adoption until after the child is born and she has signed a consent to adoption. We also we like for you to wait until you are through the first trimester before you are officially matched with a family.


We set up a schedule for you to receive living expenses from the family you have picked.


Under Indiana Law, a woman considering adoption may receive up to $3,000 of living expenses after her first trimester of pregnancy and before XX MONTHS after she delivers. We will work with you to determine a schedule for checks to be mailed to you to help you with some of your living expenses.


We stay in touch


During your pregnancy we ask that you call us at least after every doctor’s appointment. Side note: If you do not have a doctor or insurance we can help you find a doctor and set up Medicaid, if you are eligible. If anything else comes up you are always free to call us. We answer our phones 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


You get to know the family you picked


Depending on what your wishes are you can spend more time with the family you choose or not. This is your adoption plan so you call the shots. If you want them, or just one of them, to join you at doctor’s appointments you are free to extend that invitation. If you want to meet them every-so-often to check in that can also be arranged.


You go into labor


When you go into labor we ask that you, or someone with you, contact us to let us know you are headed to the hospital. We are not going to rush to the hospital to chase you down the hallway with a pen. We just need to know so we can arrange our schedule accordingly. Under Indiana law, a women can sign consents any time after a baby is born. Steve wrote that law. Hospital policy though, in most Indiana hospitals, says that women can sign consents 24-hours after a vaginal delivery or 48-hours after a C-section. Steve also wrote that hospital policy for all Indiana hospitals.


You deliver


You get some much deserved sleep.


We check in with you the day after you deliver to figure out if you still want to proceed with the adoption


We promise we will absolutely in no way pressure you. We check in with you to determine what you want to do. If you decide not to proceed we will wish you well and will let the adoptive parents know for you, unless you want to let them know yourself. If you want to proceed with your adoption plan we come to the hospital, in accordance with the above-mentioned Indiana hospital policy, to meet with you to go through the final paperwork.


We meet with you in your hospital room to go through the consent to adoption


We sit down with you and a hospital social worker to go through the final paperwork. You are still able to change your mind up until the point of signing the consent to adoption. Steve, Joel or Grant will be very clear with you about this in this meeting. The hospital social worker is also there to make sure you are certain you want to proceed with your adoption plan.


You sign the consent to adoption


After careful planning and counseling you have decided to proceed with your adoption plan by signing the consent to adoption. This is the point of no return. Up until this point you are able to decide not to proceed with your adoption plan. After you sign the consent to adoption you would then be obligated to proceed with your adoption plan.


The baby leaves the hospital with the adoptive family

The baby never goes into foster care. The baby leaves the hospital with the adoptive family you chose.


You get updates and see how well the child is doing

Over the days, months and years you will see your baby grow and become the amazing person you always wanted them to be. If anything comes up we are here for you. You are welcome to contact us anytime if you need our help.

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