When should you hire an Indiana adoption attorney for your DCS adoption

When should you hire an Indiana adoption attorney for your DCS adoption

Hiring an Indiana adoption attorney to handle your DCS adoption is a significant step in the adoption process. It is important that you consult with an adoption attorney sooner rather than later in the process. It is even more important that you do not take the advice of your well-intentioned Family Case Manager, GAL, or CASA regarding when it is appropriate to speak to an adoption attorney. They tend to not give good legal advice on this topic.

There are many factors that go into when to hire an Indiana adoption attorney. Is there an unknown father? Is there someone else that might petition to adopt the same child(ren)? Is your adoption going to become contested? All of these things play into when is it appropriate to start the adoption process.

There have been situations where people have hired inexperienced attorneys that claim to handle adoptions, but really do not understand the adoption laws in Indiana. We have seen this result in children being removed from the only home and family they have ever known. In these situations, it could all have been prevented if the adoption attorney filed a petition for adoption sooner. For this reason, it is not only important to consult with an adoption attorney sooner, rather than later, but also to make sure the adoption attorney you are consulting with has the knowledge and experience to appropriately counsel you through the adoption process.

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