Birth Mother Information

Birth Mother Information

I Am Pregnant And Am Considering Putting My Baby Up For Adoption

Considering Placing Your Baby For Adoption

You are pregnant. You love your baby. You love your baby so much and are not sure if you are able to provide the life you know your baby deserves. And that is why you are considering doing the most unselfish thing in the world, placing your baby for adoption.

The fact that you are considering adoption, means you are part of a very special and unique class of women and we are honored that you have come here to find out more about the adoption process and how you are able to make a difference in your child’s life.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

There is a lot of information on this website for you to digest. Let’s first get you some answers to some those initial questions you might have on your mind:

Q: If I contact or meet with an adoption attorney do I have to proceed with an adoption?

A: No. There is nothing you can do, prior to the baby being born, that would obligate you to have to proceed with an adoption. As the mother, the only thing you can do to obligate yourself to proceed with an adoption is sign a consent to adoption AFTER the baby is born.

Q: Do I get to pick the family that will adopt my baby?

A: Yes, when working with an adoption attorney, you get to pick the family that adopts your baby.

Q: How much does putting a baby up for adoption cost?

A: Nothing. Again, if someone tells you differently do not trust anything they are telling you and RUN!

Q: How do I know the adoptive family are not convicted criminals or known child molesters?

A: Anyone who adopts through our practice has gone through a home-study by a licensed child placement agency. That process includes have their backgrounds fully checked. This includes criminal checks, FBI finger print checks and sexual offender checks. Their financials are checked as well as their health.

Q: Can I get help with living expenses if I am considering adoption for my baby?

A: Yes. The family you choose is allowed, under Indiana law, to provide you with up to $3,000 of living expense money.

Q: Can I get free counseling if I am considering adoption for my baby?

A: Yes. Both pre-placement and post-placement may be provided to you at no cost to you.

Q: Will I be able to receive letters and photos from the adoptive parents if I want?

A: Yes. Our adoptions are typically open adoptions. All of our prospective adoptive parents expect to send letters and photos for 18 years. The schedule for these updates can vary depending on what you want, but typically includes updates at the following intervals:

You can receive updates!

– Right when they get home from the hospital with the baby
– 1 Months
– 2 Months
– 3 Months
– 6 Months
– 9 Months
– 12 Months
– 16 Months
– 24 Months
– Then, annually on the child’s birthday through age 18
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